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All about Floriculture & Horticulture

      Riyadh Front Exhibition & conference Center  

         2-5 June 2024  

The entire international horticultural industry will gather presenting flowers and plants in their full diversity highlighting the latest technological trends. Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most dynamic markets and growing policies with new investments boost this development. For international companies, it is worth entering the market, as the growing demand for flowers and plants increases the demand for innovative logistics and commercial solutions in terms of transport time reduction, quality improvement, and increased profits.





Exhibiting at The Landscape & Garden Exhibition, is a first-class ticket to connecting your Technologies & innovations with eager motivated potential customers, connections that you’ll make at the show are indelible and supported by the Inside Out Exhibitions where Tree buyers, woody ornamentals, and landscape equipment all converge at the same place under the same roof to get a feel for what materials and products are available with the complimentary Inside Out exhibitions for starting from flooring, Swimming pools to Plating & flowers.
Becoming an exhibitor means having the best business and contact opportunities. Dedicated to professionals presenting and promoting on a national and international level the excellence in the green industry as nurseries, flowers, decoration, landscape, machinery, services, garden care, pots, outdoor furniture. It is a unique circuit of business and relations, to meet public and private operators, international buyers, distributors and professionals, stakeholders in the green industry, technicians, producers and dealers.


The Landscape & Garden Exhibition is where attendees come to network, impressive showcase and see the newest plant material, related products and equipment. The show offers dozens of industrial revolution, peer-to-peer exchanges, and inspiration for your Tomorrow.
It is the largest dedicated exhibition and is ‘must visit’ for all the key buyers. It is the only exhibition which delivers a comprehensive and effective national and international promotional campaign ensuring suppliers and their products are placed firmly in front of existing and potential buyers as a gateway to a dynamic and fast-growing emerging market.
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