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The residential outdoor landscaping from younger families across the country represents a significant shift that has shaped the modern landscaping industry.

The expansion of the housing market in Saudi Arabia is expected to have a significant influence on the landscaping industry. The Saudi Arabian market has seen a boom in recent years. Younger homebuyers put a greater emphasis on landscaping and yard upkeep. Landscapers have enough chance to market their services and establish long-lasting connections with homeowners and contractors. Thus, the growing housing market is expected to leave a positive impact on the Saudi Arabia Landscaping Market.



Landscaping is defined by adding trees, bushes, walks, open spaces, ornamental plantings, fencing, or other modern landscape architecture structures and materials. The Landscaping Process is a blend of science and art that requires horticultural knowledge as well as an understanding of landscape design.

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Attracts garden designers, landscape architects, landscape contractors, local authority landscaping professionals, architectural technologists, facilities managers and interior designers from all over the world.


Why to Visit?

The Landscape Exhibition where attendees come to network, impressive showcase and see the newest plant material, related products and equipment. The show offers dozens of industrial revolution, peer-to-peer exchanges, and inspiration for your Tomorrow.

Why to Exhibit?

Exhibiting at The Landscape Exhibition, is a first-class ticket to connecting your Technologies & innovations with eager motivated potential customers, connections that you’ll make at the show are indelible supported by the Inside Out Exhibitions where Tree buyers, woody ornamentals, and landscape equipment all converge at the same place under the same roof to get a feel for what materials and products are available with the complimentary Inside Out exhibitions for starting from flooring, Swimming pools to Plating & flowers.

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