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Flooring & Walls

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Flooring is done to cover the floor with a finished structure for walking. Nowadays, flooring is an essential component of interior/exterior decor, be it a residential home or a commercial space. This is why the flooring sector has grown so rapidly in the previous decade. Rapid lifestyle change produces fierce competition in the Saudi Arabia for bespoke flooring goods. Market leaders are continuing to create new products that outperform old materials.
Where does the Wall begin, where does it end? The future of carpeting and flooring has the opportunity to present itself with a global range of designs, materials, and processing techniques, same goes for wall designs & décor. It is about opening up new procurement markets and opportunities with valuable answers with which the world of flooring can lay the foundations for conscious living.
 The Saudi Arabian carpet and rug market is expected to benefit from rising demand for environmentally friendly carpets, a growing desire for modern area rugs, and higher use of carpet tiles. It is a motivating call to practice the measured use of resources representing sustainability in carpet and flooring, curated exhibitor contributions with outstanding examples of each category, material, and product sample.

Why to Participate?

The market size of the Saudi Arabia flooring & wall designs is increasing enormously in the forecasted period from 2022 to 2027. The urban population is rapidly increasing. Because of the rising urban population, new commercial development projects such as business complexes, hospitals, lodging facilities, and shopping malls are being developed. As customers invest their hard-earned money in high-quality residential complexes with attractive flooring finishes & walls, flooring activities are increasing. Rugs and carpets are popular among customers for their aesthetic, walls décor and utilitarian features despite furniture where it all ends.

Reasons to visit..


New opportunities to meet and cooperate with the largest producers and also import - export companies. See the region’s most comprehensive display of technologies and services, all the latest trends and developments and talk to the experts on how this can benefit you in the future.

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